We offer a variety of classes and training schedules to suit both boxers and those looking for a good workout.

Monthly Adult Membership

$75.00 a month, non-contractual and all-inclusive.

Drop-in Classes 

$12.00 per class (excluding some speciality classes)

Quadzilla Training

$20.00 per person for a high intensity target group of 1-6 people

Personal Training Sessions

$50.00 an hour with a certified trainer. Boxing/Weight Loss/Cardio & more available.

Competitive Fighting

Several times a year, Drakes Gym holds charity competitive boxing events for both amateur and experienced fighters. You will train with the Drake’s Staff for many months as well as get a sponsoring business or group before the event. Sponsoring costs vary. For more information on annual Knockout events, come in and speak with John Drake!

A Charity Fight NightAnother Charity Fight Night! Drake’s Gym is well-known for hosting annual fight nights…..and all the profits go to charity!

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Boxing & Exercise Classes

Our workout classes are completely unique in that you will get a great full-body workout and we incorporate simple repetitive boxing moves that anyone can do. We do this for two reasons. First, beginners benefit from the new movements that isolate different muscle groups. Second, seasoned Boxers benefit from the repetitive movements that help them get faster and more efficient in their sport. Currently we offer the following classes:

Hits & Mitts

Cardio & Strength Training used with bag & mitt work, headed by an instructor. Centered around the core skills of boxing- one of most loved classes. Skill level- Beginner to Advanced

Teens & Mitts

A Boxing-centered class designed for ages 12-17, male & female! The class focus is on bag work, a basic boxing skills set including footwork, maneuvering drills, cardio and strength training.


The classic workout on our stationary machines focus on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery. A great way to go “your pace” if you are recovering or starting out…also a great way to hit it hard if you want to sweat!!

Solid Ground

A personalized course to help combat Parkinson’s Disease

Quadzilla Training

A high-intensity boxing workout for a small group that really wants to hit it hard. We will work you! 1-6 people

Personal Training

A variety of exercising needs and goals can be arranged through personal training sessions. From personal boxing lessons to personal weight loss sessions, call and discuss your needs with a trainer. We would love to accomodate you and any requirements or goals you have.

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Our Mission Statement

Drake’s Gym aims to offer a supportive environment, free of monthly contracts, where people can train and learn the art of boxing in an “old-school” environment.

We aim to train you like the champion you are, even if you have no interest in competition and merely enjoy the physical fitness that boxing provides. Of course we offer classes unrelated to boxing also.

We have a proud history of supporting our community–we get involved, give back and are proud to make our city stronger. Just like our clients.