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Meet Drake's Dream Team. They have created an amazing atmosphere for the athletes and boxers that workout at the gym. Ask the regulars, they will agree that this is a true family of trainers.

Drakes downtown boxing gym workout trainers fights

John Drake


Need we say more? The man with the plan, John oversees the entire operation to make sure things run smoothly.

John Drake opened his doors in March of 1998 as Reality Fitness. The first gym was located in the Oregon District on Fifth Street above Ned Peppers Bar and Grill. Reality Fitness was the FIRST gym in Dayton, Ohio with spinning classes, boxing classes and combat classes as well as machines and free weights.

After two years of trying to get clients to walk up three flights of stairs, John moved the gym to the Gentile Produce building on the corner of 4th and Patterson and changed the name to Drakes Downtown Gym.

Drakes remained in this location for the next 16 years until the Dayton Library bought the building and had other plans for the space. John then moved the gym to its current location at the Old Greyhound Bus station at the corner of St. Clair and Fifth Street!

Over the years, Drake's has trained professionals, amateurs and everyday individuals like yourself and treated all with respect. Drake's trains everyone like champions and all like equals.

drakes downtown gym workout boxing

Shannan Hamm


Shannan has trained at Drake's since the spring of 2015 and became the Assistant Manager in 2016, Manager in 2017. Shannan also teaches Hits and Mitts 101, Solid Ground as well as Teens and Mitts!

Shannan's fitness career began in 2012 when she started off the year weighing 250 lbs. She started weightlifting and changed her diet and dropped 95 lbs! She also competed in local powerliftingcompetitions and even held a state record in Women's Masters through the United States Powerlifting Association.

Shannan has been a Certified Personal Trainer for the last four years. She credits Drake's Gym and boxing for helping her lose the last 20 lbs and get to her final goal weight. She has participated in three consecutive Knockout events and believes that boxing is more than just hitting the bags and throwing punches; it is a great all-around workout that provides tools for dealing with everyday life!

More than anything, Shannan loves the old-school feel of the gym, the supportive staff/members and the fact that everyone is welcome at Drakes regardless of your fitness levels. Shannan became the manager of Drakes in March of 2017 and continues to teach classes and provide upbeat, challenging and fun workouts!

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Ashley White


Ashley has been boxing at Drakes since 2011, a year and a half after she moved to the area from Boston.

She has been a corner coach for many of the knockout fighters and has volunteered for the Knockout Events. She was the main event at the 2016 Winter/Spring Knockout Fight.

She has been teaching since 2016 and heads the Tuesday and Thursday 8pm Hits and Mitts class. Her classes have been known to take the city on runs and do exercises and drills along the way!

Since starting at Drakes, Ashley has received her PhD in Engineering from UD and works at Riverside Research studying plasma physics. She has two dogs and a fiance and enjoys skiing and hiking.

Drakes downtown boxing gym workout trainers fights

Dawn Kirchner


Dawn has trained at Drake's since 2013, and joined the team in 2015 as a Boot Camp instructor. The following year the class morphed into Hits & Mitts 101 and in January 2017, she took over indoor cycling.

Prior to teaching at Drake's, she was an instructor at LA Fitness leading a variety of classes including Cardio Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Boxing Circuits and Strength Training. She has also participated in two Knockout events as a fighter.

She does have a day job, which quite often comes out during class in the form of interesting science facts. She is keen to make sure anyone of any fitness level has fun, is challenged and stays motivated to keep coming back, if only for her terrible attempt at jokes.


John-Building the First Gym!



"You have never lived until you carry 75 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood up 3 flights of stairs....oh yeah carrying the weights and the machines was a blast as well, really proud of how it turned out, it really was beautiful....people just didn't wanna walk up 3 flights of stairs to work out...kind of ironic, don't you think?"

- J. Drake



Drakes downtown boxing gym workout trainers fights

Patrick Flanik


Pat has been teaching at Drake's since the end of 2015 and has been boxing at Drake's since 2014.

He coaches the teen Hits & Mitts classes and subs for the adult classes when needed. Pat emphasizes variety in his training, and prides himself pushing members outside their comfort zone by running some of the toughest classes (or he thinks they're tough anyway). He has been involved in several Knockout events either as a participant or ringside coach. You'll usually see Pat at the gym in the evenings either working out, taking a spin class, or taking classes himself.

He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (yes, that does make him a Browns fan) and relocated to the Dayton area in 2011. Outside of Drake's he is a project manager for a local health system, plays and referee's ice hockey, and is a high school official for both baseball and fast pitch softball.

Fun fact! Pat met his wife, Abbey, at Drake's! They reside in Downtown Dayton with their dog, Bella.

Drakes downtown boxing gym workout trainers fights

Rachel Waggoner


Rachel has trained at Drakes since 2007. She started teaching the kids and teens class in 2010. From there, she began teaching adult classes and has been at Drakes since!

She has participated as a contender in two Knockout Events and has coached multiple Knockout fighters.

She is a teacher by day and a badass boxing instructor by night!

Drakes downtown boxing gym workout trainers fights

Larry Pevoar


Larry started coming to Drakes's Downtown Gym in the fall of 2007. He was motivated by the fun and challenging work ethic of the instructors and was surprised by how how friendly and inclusive the other boxers were.

Larry soon became a regular at the gym. He fought in the Winter and Fall Knockout events in 2015.

"Knockout requires commitment and tenacity and it was one of those memorable experiences in my life. It was so much fun!"

He continued his active role in Knockout, serving as a corner coach in the 2016/2017 events. He began teaching kids and teens Hits & Mitts classes in the fall of 2015. He took over teaching the Tuesday and Thursday 6:30am adult classes in November 2016, and fills in conducting Hits & Mitts, Spinning, and Teens classes as needed for other coaches.

Larry is a software engineer by day, proving that geeks can still kick ass.

"Drake's is a great place to work out and socialize. It has that old gym character and feeling, and really makes you want to come back."

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